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University of Nottingham: Tinnitus experience in D/deaf and severe to profound hard of hearing adults

Jul 1, 2022

The University of Nottingham invites you to take part in a research study.

 Important things that you need to know 

 Tinnitus is the name for hearing or feeling noises that are not caused by an outside source. 

 People with hearing loss often have tinnitus. 

 This study is seeking to learn more about people’s experiences of deafness and tinnitus. 

 This is so we can address how to better treat tinnitus in people who are D/deaf or have severe to profound hearing loss. 

 Taking part in this study will involve being interviewed for about an hour and completing health questionnaires. 

 You can choose to be interviewed face-to-face or online. You can bring a family member if you want, and we can provide support such as BSL interpreter. Please ask. 

To find out more or register your interest, please email: or tel/text: 07495339862 (Relay UK app connected)

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