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The Hidden side of rural life that many of us don’t see

Jul 14, 2023

We know that rural areas often have fewer amenities than more urban areas and travel links by bus and rail are usually more sporadic. Even broadband access is less available in rural areas. But The Willow Project has said that there is also a hidden side of rural life that many of us don’t see. Most people see the beautiful landscapes, the idyllic rural scenes, but what they don’t see is the hidden side of rural life. 67 victims of domestic abuse from seven different areas of England (including Derbyshire) have given us a better insight into what is actually happening in our rural areas.

Some of the key findings which came out of this report are:-

  • Rural victims are half as likely to report their abuse to others
  • Rural victims’ abuse goes on significantly longer
  • Rural victims cannot readily access support services
  • Rural victims live in a society that sometimes protects the perpetrators
  • Rural victims are isolated, unsupported and unprotected in a rural hell, which is purposefully ‘normalised’

If you or anyone you know is suffering from abuse and lives in a rural area, please contact us either by email or text.
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The Willow Project

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