Let’s get to know one of our staff members a little more. This time, it is Aga who is a Sexual and Reproductive Health community worker.

Hi Ladies, I hope you are well. I am sure you are wondering where my passion for sexual health comes from. Why this role? Because our sexual and reproductive health is so important to us. Yes, I am speaking about us, women. Sex is a natural thing and I would like you to get used to talking about sex like it is not taboo!  

Fun facts:
I come from a Baltic seaside town in Poland. I am multilingual. Momma to an 8-month-old kitten called Sam. Sometimes I call him a Vampire because he loves biting me and showing me his teeth when he is happy.

I became the first female chairperson of the Polish deaf sports club ever.

Emigration to the UK was not in my life plans (I even struggled with BSL at first!), but I ended up staying here to marry my beloved husband-prankster.

I love climbing up lighthouses and admiring the sea views and smelling the breeze.