Hello, my name is Aga Latif and it is wonderful to be back with the Deaf-initely Women team. Currently, I work as a Sexual and Reproductive Health Community Worker at Deaf-initely Women, in partnership with Derbyshire Integrated Sexual Health Services (DISHS).

Deaf and hard of hearing women are experiencing difficulty in accessing sexual and reproductive health services. We are aiming to work with DISHS to improve their services to this vulnerable group. We will deliver DISHS information on sexual and reproductive health for deaf, deafblind and hard-of-hearing women, and promote a range of their services across Derby and Derbyshire as well. Jointly with DISHS, we will deliver several workshops online and in-person where appropriate.

Your Sexual Health Matters

Aga LatifSexual and Reproductive Health Community Worker

e-mail: agnieszka@deafinitelywomen.org.uk