Here I am, still working from home and still eating loads. I thought I share my experience of living and working from home.

A considerable amount has changed in our household since the lockdown.

From home-schooling the children to getting them ready for their actual return to school again. After the Government announced children would be going back to school in June, my better half and I had a long discussion, the weight of pressure was unbelievable, whether we should or should not be sending them back to school. In the end, after looking at all the pros and cons, sending them back to school won.

During the lockdown, my work-life balance had gone to pot!

Since the children went back to school, I realised my work-balance has suddenly become ‘better’. But then the guilt crept into my mind again. So many questions in my head, ‘Am I a bad mother for taking them to school?’ No, no, no, I have to shake off the negative thoughts. Talking out loud to myself that it was good for all of us, my mental well-being, the family household and most importantly it was good for my children’s mental well-being for them to be back in their familiar surroundings with the friends they had before.

People say keep in touch with families and friends via phone, WhatsApp or Skype.  I did find this difficult. Two main reasons, one of them is that I am the only profoundly deaf person in my family so the communication is extremely difficult and anxiety set in. Deeper in anxiety, I seemed to struggle to maintain to keep in touch with my closest family and ended up building a barrier around myself.  Second main reason, my children hogging my phone to speak to their grandparents!

I got my work-life balance back and this gave me an opportunity to give my role at Deaf-initely Women a good shine. Once more I became more focused on many tasks and roles which I thoroughly enjoy…although I do have far too many biscuits and cups of tea at home in between tasks and meetings!

During one morning with my 20 minutes ‘me-time’, again with the third cuppa of the day and 4 biscuits (or half a packet sometime, ssshh), I was browsing social media on my phone. There is so much advice about fitness, looking after self-mental well-being and keeping in touch with friends and family. My guilt and self-pity crept in, I should be doing this and that with exercise, making children happy memories, baking bread, doing gardening, general DIY or a new hobby such as painting. ‘Should’ is quite a difficult word and I am trying not to think about it. Browsing again, I can’t decide which is best, something easy to learn and accessibly for me.

The irony is at Deaf-initely Women that’s what we do, finding deaf trainers (who thoroughly understand what deaf women need) who are able to teach other deaf women. The best part is we make sure the events are accessible and free! (That’s certainly the best part).

At the moment, we are creating a new programme called ‘Deaf Women’s Art goes online!’ I personally can’t wait to get involved and learn something new especially with painting, creative writing and photography. Mixing work with pleasure, sounds good to me!

Finally, during one of Deaf-initely Women’s team meetings it was announced that we were finalists in the East Midland’s Charity Awards for ‘Best Social Media and Digital’ and ‘Small Charity, Big Impact’ awards. We were over the moon when we received the ‘highly commended’ for ‘Small Charity, Big Impact’ award.

I am going to take pride for doing the best social media for Deaf-initely Women and together as a team for small charity. I know together that we all worked so hard for this charity organisation for deaf and hard of hearing women. One day I hope my children can take pride in knowing how hard I worked as an office manager to become an inspirational-career mum….I can only hope!