A short blog about life at home….

How things have changed so quickly, before all this coronavirus became big news. It all started when our middle son Adam started having a mild cough but well enough to go to school and we thought nothing of it. (Just so you know, he hasn’t got coronavirus)

At the time goes on, the world was still carrying on as normal, elderly people still bustling into town getting the newspaper and small bottle of milk. People still going on a daily routine to work and school, occasional friends still gathering together from time to time to catch up. In the background, a telly was showing mostly about China and the virus but we took little notice.

Until government  and the schools were announcing that any child or family member must be self-isolated for 14 days – that’s when we realised we couldn’t take Adam to school.

As we have been told daily and bombardment from news, social media, newspaper, government and friends’ advice that we must be self-isolate and keep washing our hands. So many news and advice – which one, who do we trust, how many cases….kept going on and on and turning me into a nervous wreck – how much should I be listening and how to relax from all this!

To top of all, having 3 children from age 5 to 15, massive age gaps for schooling almost pulling me apart, what to teach? – Educational, life-skills, routine, routine, what’s the routine? In the mist of all this, trying to keep the house calm as I have a husband who also currently works from home – the nightmare began to set realisation as we have no office space, no childcare, no office banters, no friends visiting and certainly no peace….yet, I must try to relax!

My poor hands, after being washed that many times are turning into a wreck wrinkling, cracked and red…poor my hands! Even I am badgering telling children – ‘Have you washed your hands?…’Did you wash your hands today’…’Go and wash your hands’…’HAVE YOU WASHED YOUR HANDS AGAIN!’ – My goodness, I do not want to turn into a nurotic-mother!

However, together we began to work things around as a team, yesterday, I didn’t do any schooling work – I focussed just being relaxed, the sun was out, I felt better, calmer and my husband said something to me and made me laugh out loud – that’s just what I needed, to lift my spirits up.

I realised, we are in this together, we have no control over what’s going on with the world – but we can control what we do in our home. Living together in harmony. I am so grateful to be able to keep in touch online socially with Deaf-initely Women team, families and friends.

As we are following the instruction what the government told everybody so…to stop the virus spreading…the quicker we follow the rules, the quicker we can get our lives back.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.