Karen Adams, from Derbyshire, has owned a Childminder business since April 2007.  She is fully Deaf with BSL and her business is named K.A. Childminder.

Karen loves looking after children, which she has done for over 20 years; always involved with helping with babysitting for families or friend’s child/ren.

Karen started working in a Private Day Nursery which she did for 8 years before starting her own childminder business. When her first son was born (who’ll soon be 15!) her friends encouraged her to start up a childminding business.

When running a business, Karen’s says “childminding is different each day as it’s looking after children at different ages and levels of need, not to mention all the paperwork too. We always have fun and enjoy a lot of play/activities/ groups/meeting people and children with learning different skill areas. I also look after both hearing and deaf children, they are always eager to learn sign language too.”

The pandemic was a difficult time for us all but her childminding business stayed open and available for Keyworkers. However, she didn’t have children in the first few months due to some families having to shield / medical reasons or working from home and staying safe by staying home with their families. Karen then had different children from May to July which helped to continue her business and then from September, her original children came back.

“It was so quiet and hard at first but we kept in contact with all the children/parents via zoom sessions together which was fun and also texts too.” Said Karen.

Karen’s future plan is to continue to work as long as she can and likes to be positive and take it day by day. She has been a childminder for 14 Years as well as being a Foster Care for 8 years.

Karen’s advice for other deaf and hard of hearing women who are thinking about starting their own business, “You can do it. There’s support out there that you can use and support you to help start your business e.g. social media/council / different services/families and friends. Do a lot of research as well, make a list/planning / look at different services offered to compare.”

Thank you to Karen for fantastic advice to all deaf and hard of hearing women wanting to think about setting up their own business.

Littleover, Derbyshire
07805668027 Text only