Transcript of video


Today I am going to show you how to use PowerPoint and Zoom side by side.

When you join a Zoom meeting, the PowerPoint (or screen share) will always be large on your screen. Your video and other people’s videos are usually on top of the screen share. We want to move this to the side so that we can see both side-by-side.

Ok, so I will show you how to do that.

Also, I wanted to let you know if you join a meeting that you know it will have a PowerPoint or presentation session, it is best not to use your mobile phone. This is because the screen is too small to see the PowerPoint and videos of other participants on one screen. It would be too small to read the PowerPoint.  It is better to use a tablet, it has a bigger screen, so an iPad, tablet, computer, Mac, Apple, or laptop. They all have bigger screens so it’s much easier to see.

Ok. So, I will now show you how you can create your screen to make it side-by-side, alright?

First, you need to see “View Options” which is at the top of your screen, click on that.

You need to check the option “Side by side mode” – if it is already ticked then please leave as it is. If it is not ticked, then please click on it.

Now you should see your screen as a side-by-side mode. Now you can, sometimes you will see your video smaller than the PowerPoint, then you can now move to make the video bigger. There are two lines, see my cursor to between the video and PowerPoint – grey-white line from top to bottom – hold your mouse on the two white lines in the centre and move it. You can make it bigger or smaller, smaller or bigger, or both the same.

I will now show you another video, as an example. Now you can see another video – there is two of me, here on computer and other on the Mac. If there are other participants joining the meeting, then there would be more videos on here too. You can move the two white lines to fit how you want your screen to look like.

So, I have now moved to make the videos a little smaller to fit the PowerPoint.

I hope this helps.