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Hearing loss more common for northerners

Mar 3, 2022

A study by academics at the University of Manchester has found that people living in the north of England are up to 85% more likely to develop hearing loss than those living in the south of the country. 

The study, which looked at 8,263 people aged between 50 and 89, found that 24.6% of those from the North East, 22.6% of those from Yorkshire and Humber, and just 14.6% of those in the South East, had hearing loss. Dr Dalia Tsimpida commented: 

“We cannot imply causality at this stage; behind it might be the result of socio-economic factors such as high occupational noise exposure from manual occupations and differences in regions of England with strong and weak manufacturing industries.”

Source: Daily Express/Daily Star/The Daily Telegraph

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