Janet Mellor, Skills and Training Co-Ordinator

I joined Deaf-initely Women in July 2018. My previous work at Deaf & Hearing Support based in Chesterfield was advising people about the services and equipment available for deaf people.  

I managed a volunteer team who worked together to liaise regularly with other local public and voluntary hearing services in the community, raising deaf awareness in North Derbyshire.

My role at Deaf-initely Women is to support and work with deaf and hard of hearing women to deliver interesting, exciting and informative workshops.   I have been very fortunate to work with a lot of talented deaf women of all ages who can demonstrate their skills to teach other deaf and hard of hearing women. We receive really positive feedback from the participants explaining how it has improved their general well-being and that they have learned new skills. If you or someone you know has the skill to share, please get in touch! You can email me at janet@deafinitelywomen.org.uk or text me on 07794 057990

At Deaf-initely Women I feel proud of how well we all work together as a team of deaf and hard of hearing staff, committee members and volunteers, all with different levels of hearing and different communication needs, to ensure we can support each other, the trainers, the volunteers and the participants at the workshops and events we do together.

I have been amazed at how much we have been able to do throughout the pandemic to continue to support each other. We have more than one computer whiz in the team who have very patiently taught me a lot of useful technical skills so I could continue my role online.

Deaf and hard of hearing women – stronger together!