Deaf people are fed up with being unfairly treated.

Deaf-initely Women is proud to be working in partnership with local charities in response to deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing people being treated unfairly in work or when accessing goods and services.

Derbyshire Law Centre, British Deaf Association, Communication Unlimited and Cloisters’ Chambers have joined forces with Deaf-initely Women to deliver an accessible online workshop to inform deaf, deafblind, and hard of hearing people of their rights in work and when accessing goods & services.
Sarah Tupling, Chairperson of Deaf-initely Women, said: “This is timely as the lockdown has been catastrophic for many deaf people unable to access services because they cannot use the phone. Imagine living alone in a world of silence not being able to hear the radio or TV nor see anyone nor access services, it is no wonder that mental health has impacted many deaf people. I would like to thank Derbyshire Law Centre and Cloisters Chambers for agreeing to meet us all on Zoom online to tell us how discrimination law works.”

Lisa Haythorne, a Solicitor who specialises in discrimination law, said:
“I have seen many deaf people who have been discriminated against but are unaware of their rights in discrimination law. Due to their deafness and the lack of captions/subtitles and sign language interpreting support, they miss out a lot in getting information on their rights. For the past two months, we have been working in partnership with three local deaf charities to make this happen.”

Robin Ash, Access and Inclusion Officer from the British Deaf Association have been actively supporting the Deaf Community to challenge and fight for their rights to access services. He has been managing a BSL Helpline for the East Midlands supporting Deaf people to share their experiences when trying to access services such as GPs when they only offer a telephone number as the main method of contact or telephone appointments at the hospitals. Robin has been instrumental in advocating the need for Deaf people to share their experiences and challenge providers who are not providing BSL interpreters. Robin is very much looking forward to facilitating this workshop.

Molly O’Brien, who is deafblind herself, works at Deaf-initely Women said “I am fortunate to be working in an inclusive workplace. Many deaf and deafblind people are excluded from gaining employment and are treated unfairly at work and in society, due to lack of understanding, awareness and support.”

The Zoom online workshop will take place on Thursday 15th July 2021, 2pm – 4pm which is FREE for all deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing and hearing-impaired people. The workshop is jointly delivered and supported by the British Deaf Association, Communication Unlimited, Deaf-initely Women, Derbyshire Law Centre, and Cloisters Chambers with support from two British Sign Language interpreters and captioners/subtitling support from two speech to text operators.

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