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Do you want to feel safe? 6 Tips – You need to know

Dec 19, 2023

1. Brighter surrounding

Outdoor lights with motion sensors/nightlights
It would help you know if something outside is moving. Also, keep low lights on, such as nightlights, to feel safer and be able to see in the dark.

2. Security system

CCTV or smart Doorbell Ring
Having security cameras /doorbell Ring that allows you to see what is happening around your house. And you can have alarms via your phone to alert you of intruders.

3. Your door

Door chain/Peephole
Keep the chain on the door. Check the caller’s identity or look through the peephole. Check and look who they are at your door.

4. Out about

Personal Alarm
Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back also take a personal alarm/HollieGuard app with you.

5. Transport

Travelling on a transport
Ask someone you trust to tell you the name and number of a good taxi company. Also, consider downloading a phone app like HollieGuard.

6. Emergency

If you or your friend are in danger: Call 999 or BSL999 (app)

Deaf Abuse Free Service (Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire)
07960 056 746 (Text/video call)


FREE home security and personal safety equipment for deaf, deafblind and hard-of-hearing women
(Living in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire only)

HURRY before offer ended 31st March 2024
Text: 07930 106 489 or contact

Download the poster here

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