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Deaf-initely Women is run and governed by Deaf women. Deaf-initely Women serves all Deaf and hard of hearing women in Derby and Derbyshire.

We give each other emotional strength to help us to cope with our working and family lives and provide opportunities for Deaf women to gain confidence and experience new things. Our group includes Deaf and hard of hearing women of all ages from 18 – 80 and with varying degrees of deafness and communication needs.

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About Deaf-initely Women

Deaf-initely Women brings Deaf and hard of hearing women together.  Getting together helps us grow in confidence and we gain support from each other.

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Deaf Women Matter!  

Deaf-initely Women has successfully obtained funding from the Big Lottery Fund to fund an innovative project: Deaf Women Matter! Skills for Life project. The purpose of this project is to enable Deaf and hard of hearing women to:

Build confidence

Become emotionally and financially stronger to cope in their personal, working and family lives.

Take up opportunities for to gain new experiences

Take up work and volunteering opportunities

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